Every team member has participated actively in the process of creating the HOYER Handel vision and mission statement.

Our vision gives us guidance, our mission describes our shared goals.

On our path to reaching these goals, we remain true to our fundamental values.

HOYER products improve lives in every household.

We are focused on our clients 100 %. Lidl appreciates working with us because we understand every detail of the discount business.

We develop product concepts and successfully bring them onto the shelves. Moreover, our customers receive the best possible customer service.

We are a reliable business partner and always find a solution. We don’t only meet ecological and social sustainability requirements – we exceed them.


At HOYER Handel, we support one another and stick together like a family.

We know and trust each other, are interested in each other and talk to and about each other honestly and kindly.

We praise each other, express criticism in an appreciative way, give constructive feedback and have no fear of saying the wrong thing. We make decisions, find ideas and set goals across all levels and units in a transparent manner and explain their meaning to each other.

We support each other professionally and personally and look out for opportunities for growth – without expecting anything in return. We have fun and celebrate together – degrees, successes, birthdays, anniversaries or simply, life.


We love what we do and are proud of our achievements. We identify with our tasks and accomplish them with energy, joy, serenity and confidence.

We demand high standards of ourselves, our teams and our products, and we pursue our goals in a focused way.

We participate actively, inspire and empower each other, develop ideas and exhaust all possibilities in line with our values.

We are on a joint journey towards realizing our vision, and every one of us contributes daily to coming closer to it. We contribute with our individual strengths and grant each other some space.


We care – about ourselves and each other.

We take responsibility for the consequences of our own actions.

We never act recklessly but in a moral, considerate and reliable way – without losing our lightness and ease.

We work independently, are always solution-oriented and can rely on each other.

We see ourselves as a part of society and therefore we take responsibility – not only for our clients, partners and suppliers, but for all our stakeholders.


We analyze obstacles and challenges, look for potential opportunities and identify optimization needs in order to make everyday processes more efficient.

We support each other, are open to new solutions and have a clear goal in mind.

In finding solutions, we take into account the needs and wishes of our customers, business partners and colleagues by achieving the best result for everyone involved.

We think beyond processes, focus on the defined goal, and provide the necessary drive to work in a solution- and success-oriented manner.


We encourage diversity and appreciate each other’s otherness just as much as our partners’ and clients’.

We welcome new solutions, markets, processes, perspectives, technologies and tools and constantly evolve to become even more sustainable – ecologically, socially and economically.

We are future-oriented and are familiar with tomorrow’s trends. We continuously develop new business models, products and distribution channels and surprise our clients.

We own our successes and failures, share them with each other and learn from them.