Responsible Employer

Diversity and equality

Diversity and equal opportunities are one of HOYER Handel key topics. The company has already implemented a framework and measures to promote equal opportunities and diversity.

Code of Conduct for employees as a framework for positive cooperation

The HOYER Handel Code of Conduct for Employees, like the company’s values, was developed jointly with all employees. The Code defines binding behavior that employees expect from each other. A total of eight chapters cover topics such as the importance of our values, compliance, respect, conflicts, the use of resources and data protection. The Code applies to all employees at HOYER Handel. The aim is to reinforce the values of HOYER Handel and strengthen positive cooperation.

Code of Conduct for employees (German only)


Furthermore, with regard to anti-discrimination and harassment, HOYER Handel states in its Code of Conduct that any kind of discrimination, harassment, exclusion or preferential treatment of persons based on gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed or ideology, caste, birth, nationality, social background, disability, family obligations, marital status, illness, ethnic or national origin, nationality, membership in associations/trade unions or other organizations, political affiliation or opinion or any other personal characteristic is prohibited. No employees may be threatened or disciplined in the company or in production facilities on the basis of the aforementioned topics. Business partners should create an environment free of harassment and with respectful treatment.

HOYER Handel Grievance System

HOYER Handel operates an outsourced grievance system, which is hosted by an attorney´s office. This system is compliant with the Whistleblower Protection Act and the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. All persons are given the opportunity to report complaints or suspected cases of incompliance with relation to HOYER Handel either confidentially or anonymously. This also includes violations of our Code of Conduct for Business Partners and Code of Conduct for Employees. All complaints are carefully examined and the necessary follow-up measures are being implemented. The whistleblower is always legally protected.

Further Information on HOYER Handel Grievance System

Women in the workforce & in management positions

At 60.2%, the proportion of women in the workforce in FY 2022/2023 was higher than the proportion of male employees (39.8%). The proportion of women has also increased compared to previous years (FY 2019/2020: 54.1%, FY 2020/2021: 55.6%, FY 2021/2022: 60.2%). No employees specified “none” or “diverse” as their gender.

The proportion of women in management positions was 41.7% in FY 2022/2023 and has therefore risen again compared to previous years (FY 2019/2020: 25%, FY 2020/2021: 22.2%, FY 2021/2022: 33.3%). The proportion of women in top management remains at 0%. The company has not yet defined a target for the proportion of women in the workforce or in management positions.

Good compatibility of family and career and work-life balance

HOYER Handel attaches great importance to the compatibility of family and career. Employees who return from parental leave can take on their desired tasks in the scope of work they choose.

The compatibility of family and career is promoted in everyday life through flexible working hours and mobile working as well as part-time offers. This also applies to management level. It is also possible to switch flexibly between part-time and full-time employment. Employees have the opportunity to take unpaid leave, educational leave and/or a sabbatical and to set up a sabbatical account.

As a responsible employer, the company respects the individual life situations of its employees and takes their wishes into account wherever possible in order to support an individual work-life balance.

Mobile working from any location

The mobile working model is well established at HOYER Handel. Employees have full flexibility and can freely choose their place of work for up to 100% of their contractually agreed working hours. Making the place of work more flexible underpins the strong basis of trust and brings the achievement of corporate goals into line with the individual needs of employees in the best possible way. This regulation applies to all employees, including trainees and dual students.

In addition, the company introduced a digital booking system for workstations in the office and parking spaces in March 2021. The application is available from all mobile devices and promotes family exchanges and cross-departmental collaboration on site.

Occupational health and safety

Two safety officers are responsible for occupational safety. Risk assessments are carried out regularly with an occupational safety specialist. To ensure the safety of hazardous goods, the company has appointed an external hazardous goods officer, who also conducts annual hazardous goods trainings. The company also has three first aiders who can provide first aid in an emergency.

HOYER Handel also wants to support the physical well-being of its employees on site in their day-to-day work. In addition to fresh fruit and various drinks in glass bottles, employees have been provided with a company-specific mindfulness course with their own trainer and a company-subsidized membership in a fitness club also offers the opportunity to continue the mindfulness exercises individually in their private time.


HOYER Handel attaches great importance to the further development of its employees and managers.

The general/annual objectives of personnel development are

  • Annual development meeting and implementation of the agreed measures for all employees
  • Half-yearly meeting to monitor the implementation status of the agreed measures for all employees
  • Further development of all employees according to their strengths and interests
  • Fulfillment of all statutory training obligations (occupational safety, data protection, hazardous goods)

Based on development and feedback meetings, HOYER Handel offers its employees a wide range of hybrid, targeted training formats.