Environmental Protection

Climate Protection

As a member of the Science Based Targets Initiative, we want to contribute to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees and preserve an environment worth living in for future generations. With its membership, HOYER Handel commits to reducing its Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions by 46 percent (base year 2019) by 2030 and to measuring and reducing its Scope 3 GHG emissions. By switching to renewable energy, HOYER Handel has already made a significant contribution to achieving its 1.5°C target. We are therefore aiming for further CO2 reductions for our company and our business activities.

Renewable Energy

In order to reduce GHG emissions, HOYER Handel initially switched to the use of renewable energy at the company site in Hamburg in FY 2020/2021. Since August 1, 2020, HOYER Handel has been sourcing 100% green electricity from hydropower. This contribution reduces CO2 emissions at the site by more than 30 tons of CO2 per year. The use of 100% renewable energy is to be maintained in the future.


Taking our corporate carbon footprint into consideration, HOYER Handel has also focused on a more sustainable approach to mobility. The company has already implemented the following measures in the area of employee mobility:

  • Job ticket: HOYER Handel promotes the use of local public transportation.
  • Job bike: All employees can lease a company bike at a subsidized rate, which helps reduce CO2 emissions on the commute to work.
  • Hybrid/electric: The company is gradually converting its vehicle fleet to hybrid or purely electrically powered vehicles.
  • Parking spaces: Employees’ parking spaces have been upgraded with charging points.

Various mobility options can be combined. The mobile working concept also helps to reduce GHG emissions.

Science Based Targets Initiative

HOYER Handel joined the Scienced Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in January 2022. The company is thus committed to the Paris Climate Agreement with the 1.5-degree target and effective climate protection measures. Further information on the SBTi can be found here: https://sciencebasedtargets.org/companies-taking-action.


To protect the environment, HOYER Handel focuses on the efficient use of resources.


In 2020, the mobile working concept was introduced, a digitalization project was launched and the company increasingly switched to a digital way of working. As part of this, internal processes were and are being made largely paperless. For example, pay slips and remuneration statements are only issued digitally. In FY 2022/2023, a document management system will be implemented in the financial area as well as the digital personnel file and a digital personnel management system. As a result, social security notifications, minutes for development meetings, employment contracts, contract supplements and personnel data sheets will be provided exclusively in digital form, reducing the use of paper. This will also eliminate the need to send documents by post in future.

Packaging Materials

As a trading company, the company continuously receives sample products from China. The packaging for these products (including cardboard and plastics) is consistently secured and reused. Packaging that cannot be reused is professionally recycled and, where possible, returned to the materials cycle.

To promote a circular economy, HOYER Handel focuses on the design of environmentally friendly packaging and the use of environmentally friendly materials. For example, 100% recycled paper is already used for packaging. If primary fibers have to be used in individual cases, e.g. for stability reasons, this raw material is sourced from certified sources.


It goes without saying that waste is separated into paper, organic waste, residual waste, plastics, batteries, toner bottles, electronic waste and confidential files in all office areas at the HOYER Handel site in Hamburg. Professional waste disposal is carried out by the regional waste management company. Unused product samples are donated to social causes or sold to employees; the proceeds are used for the benefit of all employees. Electronic waste is professionally recycled by a specialist electronic waste company. Files are destroyed by a shredding service in accordance with data protection regulations so that no data recovery is possible. Discarded PCs and other hardware are donated regionally in Hamburg.